ANA (787 Boeing Dreamliner)


Balconi Coffee Company

Bashar Communications

BMP (Bozzio, Migaki, Poel)

Bootsy Collins (Parliament, “Eye Funk,” “Come Together”)

Bunny & Hare

Bunny Brunel (Return to Forever, CAB, Chick Corea)

Carl Palmer (Asia, “Twist of the Wrist”)

Chizu Amada

Chuck-D (Public Enemy, “Classroom”)


Cooper Chiropractic and Wellness

Dave Elitch (Antemasque, Killer Be Killed, The Mars Volta)

Frankie “Kash” Waddy (James Brown, Parliament, “100 Canvasses of Epic Rhythm”)

Hinode (Sharehouse)

Healing Moon Acupuncture

Jeph Howard (The Used)

Jose Pasillas II (Incubus, “Abstract Rhythms + Landscapes” )

Matsutoyo Kai

Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses, “100 Canvasses of Epic Rhythm”)

Michael Tobias Design (MTD Bass, MTD Kingston)

Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead, “Drum Ki”)

Model G Office (Miyuki Yamada)

Murua (Tokyo Girls Collection)

Naruse Shohei

Oak Lawn Marketing (Storico, ShopJapan)

Phuong Vy

Pinche Paddle Sports

Rick Allen (Def Leppard, “Electric Hand Rhythm+ Change”)

Robert Bubby Lewis

Rome Kanda

Sabian Cymbals

SceneFour (Bill Ward, Brad Wilk, Marky Ramone, Scott Ashton)

SOS Autocraft

Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction, “Time”)

Steve Smith (Journey, “The Fabric of Rhythm”)

T By Concept

Tecamp Amplification (Tecamp USA, Tecamp Global)

Zon Guitars