Yokan Studios has provided photo services for industry professionals both locally and internationally for over a decade. While the majority of our photographic clients have been notable music professionals, we have also had the pleasure of serving lifestyle brands, apparel companies, and independent creatives, for the promotion of their brands and products. We love fashion! As style enthusiasts, we aim to portray subjects and their garments in the most natural way possible, while communicating the client’s vision. We rely on creative photography techniques and unconventional set dressing and staging, to convey the spirit of both the subjects and the brands they represent. Some photo sessions require us to take to the streets, while others can be accomplished within a studio setting. For backdrops and staging areas that are truly out of this world, our designer/ illustrator is on hand, to bring those ideas to life. View our Photos.


Yokan Studios has provided video services for industry professionals within the United States, since the studio’s inception, more than decade ago. While our most popular video works include videos filmed for the promotion of music industry professionals, we have also provided video services for live-stream events, seminars, and brand promotion. 


Yokan Studios has provided sound design and music compositions, for use in film and television, live performance, and marketing of brands. At present, Yokan Studios has expanded our sound design focus to include music publishing and production, with the goal of forming our very own music library. Join us on our creative journey.


Yokan Studios has provided design services for music industry professionals, lifestyle brands, and even members of the medical community. Our design services include web graphics, visual media marketing materials, promotional posters, signage, package design, shirt design, brochures, advertisements, album artwork, and even clipart for client use. Some of our most notable designs can be seen in a music store near you. Our designs have been featured in publications such as Premier Guitar, Bass Player Magazine, Bass Musician Magazine, and Bass Gear Magazine, to name a few. All designs are created with both print and web in mind, ensuring that clients truly get the most out of commissioned designs. In addition to creating artwork for print and digital publication, we specialize in the creation of artwork for web branding such as splash pages, backgrounds, headers, and favicons. Needless to say, our wide range of design styles and projects certainly keep us on our toes. View our Designs.